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It’s not just about engagement anymore. In social media marketing the word ‘engagement’ gets thrown around a lot. Yet, very few brands know how to achieve it. I often hear them ask, ‘How do we increase our followers?’ Or, ‘How do we grow our reach?’ These are the wrong questions. Instead, we should be asking, […] Read More

Direction. Mission. Goal. Objective. These are all buzzwords that can describe the same thing – an organisation’s strategic plan. But a strategic plan is more than just goals – it is the process of defining an organisation’s strategy and allocating resources to actively pursue the execution of this strategy.  Strategic planning has long been important […] Read More

MINI BLOG: Conducting a Social Media Audit A crucial step in developing or updating an effective social media marketing plan is conducting a social media audit. In documenting and evaluating your existing efforts, you are better able to to form strategies for your social media use. You can evaluate what’s working or what’s not, get […] Read More


  Why Councils Need Social Media People all over the world use social media – individuals share personal photos and anecdotes, businesses market goods and services and politicians promote their platforms. One can access information about social movements, scientific discoveries and even celebrity news through social media.  Likewise, social media is the ideal tool for […] Read More

Shelly Horton. Her name is heard a lot these days from the TV screen and it’s her fiery locks and vibrant energy that makes her memorable in my mind. Sipping my morning brew, I flick on the Today Show to see Shelly – a regular on the breakfast show – sharing her opinion about the news […] Read More

Personal branding has fast become one of the most discussed topics in business, driven in part by the rise in social media, but in particular by the rise in professional networks like LinkedIn. Suddenly everyone has a platform on which to build their own reputations and virtually network with other industry professionals. It is clear […] Read More

Storytelling: A Powerful Tool for Government janine Marin

Storytelling in Government: how to do it well Our minds are constantly bombarded by digital noise: the 24-hour news cycle, politics and pundits, Netflix, advertisements, apps and social media. In fact, the average person looks at his or her phone 50 times every day. How can an organisation break through this distracting noise to convey […] Read More

How strong is your social media policy?

How to develop a strong government social media policy Savvy government organisations understand the importance of social media in driving citizen participation, developing brand awareness and improving your services and the constituent service experience (and these are just a few benefits). With more than 2 billion Facebook users, 600 million Instagram users, 467 million LinkedIn […] Read More

Facebook is all about engaging content, so it’s fitting that it rolled out a new feature: cover videos! Cover videos are Facebook’s latest addition that allow brands to better tell their story. Facebook tested the feature with Netflix for their Narcos page earlier this year, and now have started to roll this feature out to pages globally. Official […] Read More

Social media in government: the problem with social media ‘ownership’ In the past six months, my social media in government training has ramped up and I’ve met so many wonderful people who, at the beginning of the training felt confused, deflated and even scared of social media and then walk out feeling confident, empowered and […] Read More

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