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Government agencies around the world are becoming more confident in using social media and, in many instances, are leading the way over their private-industry counterparts with their innovative content and community engagement. It’s obvious now that social media is an invaluable tool for government to promote their brand, connect with communities and customers, and engage in […] Read More

With the introduction of stories, live-streaming, newsfeed algorithm and business-specific profiles, it’s no surprise that Instagram has grown at its fastest ever rate, now with 600 million monthly active users worldwide. What’s more, this week Instagram announced it now has 8 million active business profiles, and a million monthly active advertisers. Considering it’s resembling Facebook’s competitive landscape more and more, […] Read More

Social media in government: the problem “Budget” – this is the holy grail in government. I know, because I’ve worked in government and still do as a social media trainer for government departments. There’s such a need – and urgency – for government to connect with their constituents and social media is their vehicle of […] Read More


How to set goals properly I’m a goal setter – I’ve set goals all my life. I can’t remember when I started setting goals but what I do remember is that I would write my goals on paper and stick them on my wall. Since 2008 I would write goals every year and I would […] Read More

Imagine it’s 31 December, 2018 – what would your career look like? Would it be the same as it was in 2017? More importantly, do you want it to be? Working in marketing and communications AND being female is tough. You have to deal with: Lack of time and resource to learn the latest marketing […] Read More


Communication hacks series: how to say no and why you need to do it Imagine you’re working on a major project. It’s already past 6pm and your family are expecting you for dinner, but the deadline is tomorrow and you know you have a full day of meetings ahead. Just as she’s leaving, your boss […] Read More

Marketing has evolved dramatically in the past few decades, but there is one thing that has always remained constant: the power of storytelling. As a communication tool, the humble story is unrivalled in its ability to connect with communities and boost engagement for government agencies. In the paradigm of marketing, storytelling can be described as […] Read More


Until recently, recruiters made decisions solely based on your résumé. Today, it’s not quite so simple. With social media being such an integral part of our lives, potential employers are just a click away from learning all about you. If they’re not impressed by what they find online, your résumé – and chances of an […] Read More

communicate out of a meeting

Communication strategies to professionally get out of meetings Meetings – I’m yet to find someone who gets overwhelmed with joy at the mention of them. Considering meetings are costing us as much as 31 lost hours of productivity every month, you can understand the need for my sarcasm. On average, Australian workers spend 16% of […] Read More

Approximately a third of the world’s population currently uses social media, a figure that’s set to double by 2020. With the user base growing rapidly and technology advancing at lightning speed, social media is presenting some incredibly exciting opportunities for government and public sector agencies. So, what will government social media look like in 2020, […] Read More

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