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How to manage negative comments on your social media page with less risk and less stress

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Approximately a third of the world’s population currently uses social media, a figure that’s set to double by 2020. With the user base growing rapidly and technology advancing at lightning speed, social media is presenting some incredibly exciting opportunities for government and public sector agencies. So, what will government social media look like in 2020, […] Read more

To get noticed online, you need to have eye-catching images or video and doing this as often as you need to  can be a budget-draining task when you have to purchase them from stock photo sites. However, it doesn’t have to be thanks to these free public domain photo sites. These images fall under the Creative […] Read more

How to ask for a pay rise janine marin

In 2016, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WEGA) reported that Australian women earn 17.7% less per week on average than their male counterparts. Not only are we paid less, but we’re also much less likely to ask for a pay rise. Harvard researchers found that women who did were shut down sooner than men, and […] Read more

How self-doubt kills your dreams - and how to overcome it

Hands up if you’re fantastic at what you do, you’re excelling in your field, and you’re an absolute asset to your team. …Anyone? Instead of raised hands, I’m usually met with one of two responses – an uneasy silence, or a modest rationalisation: “I did just get promoted, but I got lucky.” “I am good […] Read more

Does your department use social media to its full potential? Do you find they don’t invest in it as a substantial communication channel? Do you feel like your agency is avoiding social media? Well, if there isn’t a structured social media strategy with the appropriate policies and procedures in place, you can understand why they […] Read more

Social media in the public sector: why it matters Social media presents an incredible opportunity for local government and public sector agencies to connect with their communities. Organisations can reach out like never before and engage in conversations on everything from policy development and service provision, to social issues and emergency management. Yet despite the […] Read more

GIFs – they’re not only fun to use but also effortlessly engaging on social media, so if you haven’t started to use them, here’s why you should and how to start using them. Before we get started, what’s a gif and how do you pronounce it. Is it with a hard or soft ‘g’ (i.e. ‘jif)’? […] Read more

Social media can be a powerful tool for the public sector when it comes to community engagement. It’s cost-effective, has a wide reach and is easily accessible for your audience. While the benefits are obvious, the options can be overwhelming. With so many social media channels available, there seems to be a different one in […] Read more


Now that 2016 is behind us (thank goodness!), we have three-hundred-and-something days to make this year the best for our careers. What’s more, NOW is the time to plan and get clear on what you want career-wise. Notice that I’m saying ‘career’ and not ‘job’. Your job is not your career. Your jobs are like […] Read more

As Christmas swiftly approaches, our thoughts shift to that downtime many organisations in the public sector take over the Christmas break. However, while we do need time away from work, we also need to take into account the impact of our absence on our engagement with the community. As a public-facing organisation, our audience can […] Read more

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