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#breaking New Instagram App: Layout

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Instagram’s new app makes it easier to create collages from your favourite photos.

Facebook-owned Instagram has just released its second standalone app called Layout that lets you create collages in a fun and simple way. Sure, there are a few apps in the market that do just this like InstaCollage, yet after playing with this I’m already sold on Layout being my go-to app for Instagram collages.

The app interface is clean, super simple to use and doesn’t try to mimic what’s already out there. Its main aim is to make collages on Instagram easy to do and look good, too, and it does just that.

Layout for Instagram doesn’t offer image borders or texts because again, it’s not competing to be the super cool kid on the block (…with Facebook as its sibling, it doesn’t need to be!).

With Layout you can easily:

  • Drag and drop photos to rearrange them  –  you can select up to nine at a time
    Pinch to zoom
    Pull the sides of each photo to adjust its size and get your layout just right
    Mirror images to flip them
    Have fun with your own photobooth

Considering one in five of Instagram’s monthly active users (that is, 60 million users!) were turning to other companies’ software to create and share collages, Layout’s seamless integration with Instagram is its pulling power over other similar apps in the market.

Learn more about Layout for iPhone from Instagram themselves.


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