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Social media workshops and training for schools

Social media is an excellent communications tool for schools, bridging the gap between teachers, parents and students. Used well, it provides many opportunities for positive engagement. However, it also brings an element of risk.

Janine’s school social media training teaches education professionals how to harness the power of social media to create a safe and engaging online environment.

For educators, workshops cover key topics like:

  • Developing social media strategies for parent, student and teacher interaction.
  • Protecting the reputation of your school and your staff online.
  • Setting boundaries for personal and professional social media use.
  • Safeguarding students from cyber bullying and other threats.
  • Understanding your responsibilities and liabilities.
  • Training students and staff in essential social media skills.

Schools have a duty to encourage responsible, safe and effective social media use in their students.

To achieve this, Janine also provides workshops for young people, covering topics such as:

  • Social media and digital career skills.
  • The importance of using social media responsibly.
  • How to stay safe online.
  • How to deal with cyber bullying.
Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson

Co-Director The Sprouted Grain Company

Janine is an experienced and knowledgeable social media strategist who is well equipped to devise social media campaigns that generate strong engagement and assist in brand building and measureable sales. She is excellent to work with!


Monica Gragg

Owner of the Learn By Design School

Janine is truly amazing! She has this innate ability to listen to what you are saying, and what you cannot express. From there, she will help you understand your value and teach you how to build your brand. She is dedicated to your success and I’m very thankful for having her services during the growth phase of my business.

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